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It holds that consumers will prefer products that are widely available and inexpensive. Managers focusing on this concept concentrate on achieving high production efficiency, low costs, and mass distribution. They assume that consumers are primarily interested in product availability and low prices. This orientation makes sense in developing countries, where consumers are more interested in obtaining the product than in its features.



Finding The Right Pattern And Sample Makers Or Fashion Industry Resources For Your Brand And Products Can Be Challenging, Time Consuming And Sometimes Near Impossible.

With Axis Global Sourcing Industry Experiences, Strategic And Resources, We Simplify The Process By Providing You With Services And Tool That You Need To Succeed.


Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessorie s. Designer collections have a higher quality and finish as well as a unique design. They often represent a certain philosophy and are created to make a statement rather than for sale.


Product Development

Developing a sketch into a finished product can be long, expensive and frustrating. The success of the process depends on a combination of different factors, but mostly on having the right professionals work on your product! .

Axis global sourcing work with a range of specialized pattern makers and sample rooms to insure that your product is being developed by a specialist in your product category.


Good sourcing strategies are indispensable when you want to run an effective procurement operation. They boost procurement’s performance, deliver impressive savings and give businesses a significant competitive edge.

Axis global sourcing provides clients with innovative Sourcing and Procurement Services. Through these supply chain services, we help companies to achieve both monetary savings and improved supplier relationships.


Quality Assurance

We go through a series of comprehensive checklists, each appointed on event gates, where a thorough examination of physical and process attributes is conducted. We examine samples and production at early stages. We communicate possible problems with process, raw materials, or product to clients and vendors, helping resolve issues early in the timeline pre-amptively

We use the internationally recognized AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) with an AQL of 2.5, the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production